Quality software and clean architecture

marsicdev | 2015-02-12

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We know that writing quality software is hard and complex: It is not only about satisfying requirements, also should be robust, maintainable, testable, and flexible enough to adapt to growth and change. This is where “the clean architecture” comes up and could be a good approach for using when developing any software application.

Clean architecture stands for a group of practices that produce systems that are:

  • Independent of Frameworks.
  • Testable.
  • Independent of UI.
  • Independent of Database.
  • Independent of any external agency.

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People often assume that I know far more than I actually do


What you write today, will be legacy tomorrow

This is a normal process tied to software development

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Code organization

How you structure your code is a reflection on you and your work.


Code is data, and data is code

The data in your genes is code. The floor plans for your house are code.


Software Rewrite

In some ways, recreating a program is like remaking a movie — people have lots of expectations.